If you happen to know me outside of LinkedIn, you may be aware of my passion for crafting – knitting, crocheting, and a little sewing. 🧶 In a previous job, I also spent a ton of time doing data visualization design for healthcare. I enjoy digging into data sets and finding/creating meaning out of a bunch of raw data. Recently, a former leader of mine who is now a close friend sent me the article below. It made my heart sing that there are now more folks interested in crafting AND data visualization! 📊

“Crochet and other yarn and thread arts are perfect for data visualization because they involve creating material one pixel at a time,” Hahn said. “I combine crochet techniques to make maps, where each stitch represents a latitude and longitude. I’m really interested in these beautiful, touchable representations of data that use texture to encode information in a way that our screens cannot reproduce.”

For those fellow crafters – check out Stanford’s course on Data Visualizations with Textiles as another source of inspiration. 🧠

Here’s a link to the article.

Stanford course: