I'm curious, resilient, and collaborative, thriving on complex challenges.

Feedback from colleagues

CX Executive


“Susan has an incredible depth of knowledge in CX, customer research, product management, and experience design. She is very effective bringing cross-functional teams together to understand audiences, define problems to be solved and to develop impactful solutions. Her projects were large and complex, yet she was always able to bring order, focus and clarity. She exercises strong business discipline and judgment. Bottom-line, Susan delivers results.”

Data Science Leader


“I interviewed a lot of candidates for a strategic analytics role at Gloo before hiring Susan. No one came close to her ability to synthesize a lot of inputs and turn around to quickly make it digestible for stakeholders. Her outstanding design skills are partly why she's so effective at communicating, but it's her innate, strategic mindset that really makes her work shine.“

Healthcare Principal


"It is rare to find an individual that is not only knowledgeable about design, but is equally proficient in information architecture and analytics. Because of this, Susan can understand and convey information through elegant design and patterns while creating repeatability and consistency at a macro-level."

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