In this season of OnBeing, one of my all-time favorite podcasts hosted by Krista Tippett, she explores the topics of human and artificial intelligence. 🎙️

In the “AI and What it Means to be More Human” episode, Tippett interviewed Reid Hoffman. They delve into generative AI and its impact on humanity, asking questions such as “Beyond the hype and the doom, what is this new technology urging us to do as human beings? How can we shape it to serve human purposes, and how might it enhance our senses?” 🤖

Hoffman is the co-founder of PI a personal AI assistant. Taking Tippet’s lead in the interview where she asked PI for its core values, I started discussing hobbies with PI. PI certainly knew how to make me feel special about my hobbies and ideas! 🤣 It is a bit of parroting but I can see the potential. See the brief exchange below ⬇

Hoffman points out that this type of exchange can work to augment humanity. We’ll all one day have our own AI personal assistants. He states: “It’s natural to contemplate the potential dangers and ask what could possibly go wrong,” and as you and I both know, our brains are wired to prioritize our safety. We are always looking out for potential risks. However, you also mentioned, “It’s equally important — and fundamentally human — to envision what could possibly go right.”

I highly recommend this episode of OnBeing, chatting with PI today, and digging into the world of Reid Hoffman and his podcasts and books. 📔

Have fun with PI!

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